2001 Thunderwing Productions Ltd.

Teichiku Records
Released: 21st April 2000


The Groover Master version
Jitterbug Love Working version
Dishing Fish Wop Master version
Telelgram Sam Working version
Laser Love Rough mix
20th Century Boy Master version
Silver Lady Working version
Metal Guru Master version
Fast Blues (Easy Action) Working version
Light Of Love Master version
The Soul Of My Suit Working version
Thunderwing Alternative master mix
Christmas Bop Master version 3:17
Bonus Tracks
The Groover Demo
Children Of The Revolution Jam / Working version

This 15 track CD includes the complete studio recording of T.Rex's 10th hit single, The Groover, which clocks in at 5 minutes and 14 seconds, and finds the band rocking well past the fade found on the original single.

On the raw working version of the bands third No.1, Telegram Sam, Marc declares 'Me I *£%!, but I don't care' ~ didn't you wish he'd said that on the original 7"? However, the similarly descriptive word 'funk' replaced the expletive on the final version.

An entirely new set of lyrics are presented in the pre-punk-rock-a-boogie Fast Blues (Easy Action), driven by some dynamic slide guitar ~ the final version was indeed Solid Gold, reaching No. 2.

Recorded during the same session, the working version of Silver Lady (re-titled Dreamy Lady), and the mysteriously abandoned Christmas Bop both share 'they should have been hits' status and deliciously dominant seductive keyboard melodies. These pop delights are crushed by the monstrous brawl of Children Of The Revolution ~ over 12 minutes long and crammed with guitar solos, phrases and riffs. The legendary Flo and Eddie sound more like they're undertaking Primal Scream therapy than backing vocals, but whatever the session was for, it was definitely fun!

Star tracks of this release will surely be the heart breaking The Soul Of My Suit ~ 'You damaged the soul of my suit, you pulled my love out by the roots', which features Bolan giving a tutorial to the band about his complex but emotive arrangement, and the mightiest version of 20th Century Boy you'll ever hear. Nothing can prepare you for the abounding energy that drives this track, like The Groover, well past it's fade point. Direct from the master tape and unheard for almost 30 years, over 2 minutes of hard rock from the 'Artist Formerly Known As Pop', takes this track to over 6 minutes!

An essential package, not only for every Bolan fan, but also for anyone who wants to hear a passionate, hard-working, and vibrant Artist, who infused energy and humour into his work, and to experience the glorious process of creation for some of the greatest singles to come out of England during the 70's.

July 2000

June 2000